Olivia Dimaio.

A cutting-edge daycare management platform that consolidates child profiles, meal planning, scheduling, billing, employee management and reporting, along with  a powerful “parent portal” for parents to access their information online.

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The Olivia DiMaio Early Childhood Education Centre came to us with specific industry requirements that could not be satisfied by an existing market solution. They desired a platform that could centralize all child data entry including allergies, siblings, parents and emergency contacts, along with the ability to manage scheduling, billing, reporting and facility management in one easy-to-use web-based platform that also allowed parents to manage their own account and scheduling online using a single web-based portal.

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Our custom management platform gave Olivia DiMaio a single point-of-truth for their entire multi-location operation. Parents are able to create their profiles and populate child information online using the “parent portal”, including contact details, allergies, medication and health information, etc. Front-desk staff work with the parent to create schedules for children including care-days, trips, meals and vacations. Individual schedules automatically aggregate to produce classroom schedules that are used by teachers to gauge attendance which drives the integrated billing module and produces invoices based on actual child attendance, sick days and the child’s allowable coverage limits.


Allergies and health-care are a top priority.

Since each child entered into the system by either the parent or the front-desk staff contains a full profile of medication needs and allergies, the system automatically computes meal-plans for the day based on which children with allergies are visiting the facility on a specific day resulting in a meal strategy that is safe and custom tailored to the needs of each child, based on the allergy profile entered for every child.

Each child’s profile can be entered into the system by either the parent or the front-desk staff. The profile containing information on all medication needs and food allergies is then used to automatically compute overall daily meal-plans tailored to each child with specific sensitivity to other children’s allergies.

Furthermore, the system produces a daily class report for each teacher highlighting the individual needs of each child for the day including medication regime and allergies of which the teacher should be aware. This produces a safety-minded culture and minimizes the opportunity for dangerous scenarios to form.

Fully integrated, right to billing.

Every child’s schedule and specific configuration (allowable sick days, government support allowances, etc.) are utilized at the end of every month to automatically generate a custom invoice for that child. Those invoices are combined into the parent’s profile, and they are sent an account statement for which they can pay online. This degree of integration and automation means greater profit for the facility due to fewer errors and missing billings and less time for employees to enter accounting data, as well as convenience for the customer.

Coupled with payment tracking (both on and off-line) our platform provides Olivia DiMaio with an all-encompassing enterprise-wide management console.