Atari Arcade.

Stemming from a partnership with Atari® and Microsoft® and released to critical acclaim, the Atari Arcade brings Atari’s great classic games to the browser as a high-performance native HTML5 experience.

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Working with our incredible partners,, we helped create mobile optimized web-based versions of Atari’s great classic games using HTML5 technologies and created a powerful back-end API to connect the game experience with’s Drupal instance along with a scalable cloud-based multiplayer backend data-service using Node.js to power millions of online players in deathmatch combat!

Challenge your friends to a game of real-time multiplayer combat and blast them to oblivion!

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In order to achieve Atari’s goal of millions of simultaneous players across a number of platforms such as Mac, PC and Apple/Android tablets, the Atari Arcade was engineered using modern HTML5 standards and technologies (without Adobe Flash), a scalable cloud-based hosting platform and socket-based multiplayer server. All real-time multiplayer traffic is conducted through a custom-written socket server created using Node.js and acting as a relay for game traffic. The socket server is capable of sustaining massive amounts of throughput for millions of simultaneous payers, with active monitoring and failover capability. Game persistence data such as scores, achievements, game play counts, etc., are communicated to a back-end database through custom Web Service API along with Facebook API integration for login and social capability.

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Game persistence and social integration

All game plays, scores, achievements and statistics are recorded server-side using a custom API. We can show plays their rank for each Atari game with respect to the top players overall or narrow it down to only their friends. Using Facebook and Twitter integration, we allow users to log-in to the Arcade using their social credentials, which give them access to inviting and competing with their Facebook friends.

Inviting a player to a game is as easy as choosing to share a custom invite URL by email, Facebook, Twitter or a simple copy/paste.

Tight integration with

We developed the Atari Arcade to be highly integrated into’s Drupal instance, and we share the user-base between both sites so users with accounts can move their account seamlessly into the Arcade. Users who register with the Arcade are automatically synced with’s user base.

The Atari Arcade was highly promoted by both Microsoft and Atari, and features prominently on

Atari Landscape View In Ipad